Friday, January 18, 2013

Advanced Combat Rifle Repairing

A&K ACR Airsoft Gun
 Many customers over at the airsoft service center keep asking us to do an article on repairing the ACR or Advanced Combat Rifle. In this article we will simply take a look at this particular airsoft gun model (A&K ACR), there are other airsoft gun companies who make this model, but I just happen to have this particular rifle on my bench. We will examine and discuss a few of the internal parts, plus discuss a bit about the ACR's external build and some of the qualities found in this replica. I have uploaded many airsoft gun repair photo's for this model, so be sure and use these as references.
Easy Strip Barrel Hub ACR Rifle
 The ACR feature's a one piece, full metal upper receiver, that is extremely solid and precision machined with a one piece twist lock front barrel (easy field strip) design that makes hop up repair work in the field not only possible but simple! I found even after my field abuse for months the barrel or stock does not wobble or flex at all. The precision fit between the metal upper and the custom lower unit definitely lends a hand to the overall awesome stability of this rifle.
 The hand grip or "lower receiver" is a one piece design that includes the mag well and trigger guard. The precision joining of these pieces as one, creates by far the strongest, hand grip I have seen on an airsoft gun to date. The ambidextrous selector switches feature an easy timing selection which makes gearbox removal and re-installation a breeze.

ACR Custom Rifle Selector Timing
Speaking of gear box removal, the ACR features a standard version two metal gear box. This means all standard upgrade parts ie; gears, bushings, air cylinder, motors and other internal parts, easily fit this model with the exception of the air nozzle and the selector plate which are model specific. I wrote a great airsoft gun cylinder repair guide on the version two which would pertain to this model as well.  The magazine release is ambidextrous and fits most standard airsoft gun model M4 magazines, I tried jg, ca, tm and agm and all fit the ACR nicely and had no feed issues.

 All in all the ACR looks to be a top performer in the airsoft gun market. The first production models started showing up in 2011 but the US market did not see many until 2012. Rumors has it that Magpull Ind. already has some cool new additions for the 2013 ACR model airsoft guns.

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