Friday, February 22, 2008

Airsoft G36 Repairs Echo 1 Quality

WOW time flies when your repairing airsoft guns, playing airsoft games and enjoying lifes finer things like...well work. Here is one of my recent pictorials and mini reviews on the Echo 1 G36. I have about 30 more pictures of the internals posted on our Version 3 Airsoft Mechbox repair pictures pages. This nice little addition to any ones airsoft collection retails for an average of $150.00 or less and has some pretty sweet airsoft clone attributes and bonuses added in by this company. As I have repaired and fired Marui's, JG and double eagle versions of this AEG I would have to say these E1's are a bang for your buck and a worthy investment.The mechbox has upgraded steel bushings factory installed and the internal build is very nice. Not sure why they have left the plastic spring guide in place and added steel bushings but this is an easy upgrade I would recommend. I have seen these plastic spring guides fail at roughly 30 to 50 thousand rounds in most applications, sooner in some, so be ready to replace this part. This G36 came in chronographing around the 365 FPS average that E1 and other airsoft clone companies are getting famous for.

The sector gear cam is another nice addition that will improve performance and help preserve the life of your tappet plate. All the internals and even the hop up are all standard parts meaning they will be interchangeable with other airsoft brands and manufacturers parts, which is another huge plus for these E1 guys. All in all I am pretty impressed...Again, by these Echo 1's and would highly recommend this G36 to any player. Keep it up E1 your making my airsoft field in Wisconsin a dangerously fun place to be with all these nice well priced clones showing up!