Friday, October 24, 2008

Airsoft Gun Custom Gearbox

....Meet the Scirminator Mechbox!

While airsoft players all over the world are searching for the "perfect airsoft gun" we decided to build it one piece at a time from the inside out.

Built with all custom after market parts the Scirminator "Scrambler Series" Mechbox will send 25+ bb's a second downrange at 350 FPS. So much for needing a Squad Automatic Weapon.
For those of you looking to pack more .20 gram punch, the Scirminator "Plastic Pain Series" Gearbox features the same sizzling ROF of 25 bb's a second as the "Scrambler" but increases velocity to a blazing and painful 400 FPS.

AGR has been building, tweaking and testing, the Scirminator series gearbox designs in rental airsoft guns at the Airsoft Battle Zone field for most of 2008 and players have been impressed with each new build. All year we have been asked where do I get one?? Here is the answer:
The Scirminator gearbox rebuild kit will fit in any non reinforced Version 2 or Version 3 airsoft gearbox. Yes it will fit your Tokyo Mauri or a Classic Army Sportline, Crossman, Jing Gong, Echo1, Cyma and most other popular airsoft brands. The skirminator gearbox rebuild kit comes with all the parts and instructions needed for you to upgrade your existing gearbox to a Scirminator.
For those of you who are mechanically impaired Airsoft Gun Repair Technicians are available to install the kit in your existing gearbox if you ship it to the Wisconsin airsoft repair center.
Drop in gearbox models are available for V2 and V3 airsoft guns as well. These include a new gearbox with the Scirminator internals already installed...Just field strip your airsoft gun...remove the old mechbox and drop in your new scirminator gearbox.
For more details and specifications you will have to visit the guys over at Airsoft Gun Repair .Com, here you can purchase the scirmanator kits or mechboxes and find out all the finer details of this custom upgrade
One final note...The scirminator comes with AGR's exclusive 3 month or 30,000 bb airsoft gun guarantee on the drop in style gearboxes. This warranty also applies to airsoft guns sent in to be outfitted with the upgrade by our airsmiths. The DIY kit does not include this warranty although the individual parts are warranted from defects.