Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Airsoft AEG Upgrades Defined

Building custom, upgraded airsoft AEG's is a favorite pastime of mine. Many of these custom builds originate on the repair bench as airsoft g*n emergencies. Normally an old team loaner or some players ancient passed down, hand me down, aeg that needs reviving. Just like some people like to restore old vehicle's, I like to restore and upgrade old airsoft G*ns. On the AGR website I have added pictures of many of these custom airsoft restoration's and upgrades like the one above as well as some World War Two styles right up to present day M4 models with M203. At first look this appears to be nice, but nothing real special, just some sweet add ons. But Lets Take A Closer Look at the internals of this beast. This is what defines the upgrade and makes it a complete custom AEG.

The after market parts installed will improve the rate of fire and overall durability of this aeg mechbox. The steel aftermarket gears assure reliability and the solid transfer of extra torque that will be produced by the newly upgraded spring. The steel spring guide will handle increased shock on one end of the mechbox while the full metal cylinder and metal air nozzle will help dampen the extra piston vibration created at the front end. The trigger switch and wiring have been replaced with a low resistance replacement harness for maximum power delivery. This version two custom mechbox, installed in the full metal m4 above, add a metal hop up chamber and tightbore barrel and you have one clear definition of an airsoft upgrade. The Cost: priceless or maybe we should just say pricey!