Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Modified Airsoft Machine Gun Gears

Just got done testing out my newly modified SR16 airsoft machine gun at the ABZ airsoft gaming field and all I can say is WOW am I impressed with the new modify modular gear set. This "drop in" modification put my rate of fire in the 20+ BB per second range...For those of you who might be mathematically challenged that's 1200+ bb's a minute. I actually think its higher than that but the chronograph seemed to be giving conflicting readings and my magazines would skip now and then as well, so I will keep testing until I have a large average test group to base my findings on. *Note to Modify company....Please make full metal airsoft gun magazines that feed consistently!!

This had to be one of the easiest upgrades I have ever done and only took a total of about 10 minutes to completely install in my Echo1 Gearbox I now have dubbed the SCIRMINATOR. The hi speed modular gear set retails for 89.90 and comes with stainless bushings in 6 or 7mm sizes, that just drop into your Version 2 or 3 mechbox. The whole airsoft gear system is pre-shimmed and fits perfect. The bad news is these sets will not fit the re-inforced gearbox styles but fit well in the standard V2-V3 gearboxes.
At first run the gears were a tad noisy despite motor adjustments...but after using all day Saturday I noticed they "Burnt In" nicely and much of the original whirring noise was now completely gone. Sunday morning I sorted out my best Hi-capacity magazines and charged my largest FUBAR airsoft battery and headed out for a serious day of airsoft gaming. After getting chronoed in (387 FPS :) and an hour of extreme target practice, consisting of shooting magazine after magazine on full auto in short 1 second 20 round bursts O_O...... I was ready to deal a days worth of "airsoft funswelts". I have to say these drop in airsoft gun modular gear sets could be my favorite new airsoft product of the year and ruled this day.
The instructions provided are in English and very easy to follow with illustrations included. The Modify company has included a newly designed anti reverse lever that is included in the gear kit with some synthetic grease. The Kit features one simple, helpful innovation (a slotted anti reverse shaft) that airsmiths and airsoft home mechanics alike should appreciate. These new Modify parts have now grabbed my undivided attention and I am anxious to test more modify internal airsoft gun parts as they become available.

Till next time