Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Airsoft Gun User Tips

So you bought an airsoft gun, and now your ready to use it.
If you did your homework before hand you will now have a brand new, well built, metal gearbox AEG or if it was a handgun model most likely one of the gas blow back pistol replicas. Regardless of why you bought it *Congratulations* on your purchase, and welcome to the world of airsoft. If you are like the majority of players I know, one airsoft gun will not be enough, you will crave more, you will seek more information and you will need some basic airsoft gun user tips, so for what its worth here ya go...

New Airsoft Gun Owner User Tips
1st. Safety = Treat your airsoft guns like you would any real firearm.
2nd. Always use anzi rated safety glasses or goggles when firing your airsoft gun.

1. Buy a gun case and use it.
2. Use high quality, seamless .20 gram or heavier airsoft bb's for AEG's and gas guns. .12 are only for low powered airsoft spring guns.
3. Do not use petroleum products to clean or lubricate your airsoft gun. Use only liquid silicone oil.
4. Thoroughly clean your airsoft gun barrel after each use with silicone oil, cleaning patches and barrel cleaning rod.
5. Fully charge your air soft gun battery the day before you intend to use it.
6. Do not excessively dry fire your gun.
7. Clean and oil after each use.
8. Stop firing and clear your barrel of jams immediately. Do not try to "fire out a bb jam" or damage to your gun can occur.
9. Only use your airsoft gun in approved location's and out of public view.
10. Never re-use your bb's. Airsoft bb's once fired will not be round anymore and these used bb's will jam and break your gun.
11. Find a local group of responsible players and attend large air soft events.
12. Do not leave bb's loaded in your airsoft gun magazines as it will weaken your magazine springs and cause bb feeding issues
13. Leave a small amount of gas in your gas airsoft gun magazines. This will keep the valve seat shut so dirt and debris cannot accumulate.
14. Oil GBB valves after each use to keep the o-ring seals from shrinking during storage periods.
15. After each use of your AEG put fire selector swith on semi auto and fire one shot. This will relax the spring and keep FPS from falling due to spring compression memory.
16.Turn hop unit counterclockwise or fully off after each use to maintain better accuracy.
17. Buy a good battery charger and battery for your gun, it is the power plant for your airsoft weapon and the ones provided with most guns are only basic starter packs. Many performance issues can be tracked to inadequate battery supply.
18. Keep a few tools with you when using your replica gun. Many issues can be fixed in the field with a few basic tools. I recommend a metric and standard set of hex key wrenches, small size slotted and blade style screwdrivers and unjamming rod for starter kit.
19. Check and tighten all pins and screws on your airsoft gun after each use. Vibrations that occur during firing will loosen these up quicker than you might expect.
20. Read all user manual cautions and warnings...if possible.

I could go on and on but I think you should have the basics here. Much information is available online by using simple google searches or visit some air soft forums online and just ask. For information on specific user tips on individual airsoft models please visit our airsoft gun repair library on the website.