Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Version 6 Mechbox Repair

The version six airsoft gun mechbox has a few noticeable differences than the more common V2. The motor is encased allot like the V3 motor but mounted at a different angle in the mechbox. The internals are not the same as other gearboxes and several parts are specific for v6 models only. The tappet plate is one special part that should be kept on hand for your thompson airsoft machine gun. This mechbox is from a thompson airsoft machine gun repair that I completed for a WW II airsoft gamer who wanted his thompson shooting 375 fps. I also added a tight bore barrel and real wood grips. A reinforced tappet plate was added and a set of hardened steel gears along with a new shim job. If you need some help with your thompson repair visit our Version 6 airsoft gun repair pictures. Also if you are the proud owner of a P90 style airsoft gun you will find that this version 6 mechbox is installed in your airsoft gun as well.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Airsoft Gun Bearings VS Steel Bushings

So whats the better choice for your airsoft gun? Well my humble opinion is that steel bushings will outlast steel bearings by a year or more. Actually I have never replaced a set of steel bushings but I replace bad steel bearings on a regular basis. True bearings will gain you an extra 6-10 FPS but that small gain in velocity can cost allot in damage control.

Take a look at these 3 pictures of a version 2 gearbox that was brought in for repairs. All of this damage was caused by a high speed bearing failure. The sector gear was damaged as was the cylinder head, luckily the piston seems to have survived this crash.
This airsoft gun is only 6 months old and came with the 7mm bearings installed. A quick check for play at the gear ends after each use would reveal the problem before it causes this kind of damage. If more than 1mm of play is detected the mechbox should be serviced and the bearings should be replaced with 6 or 7mm oily steel bushings.
Save yourself the headache and switch your mechbox to oily steel hardened bushings the next time you service or have your airsoft gun serviced. If you are extremely concerned about fps then lap your gears during the installation process to break in the surface area and reduce friction. Visit our website for more DIY airsoft gun repair tips and tricks.
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