Saturday, February 7, 2009

Airsoft Gun Diagnostics

If you use your airsoft guns on a regular basis sooner or later you will experience a broken airsoft gun. Properly diagnosing these issues can save you money and time. Preventative maintenance can help keep your airsoft guns firing under most conditions but the time will come when a bench repair is needed. If you need more airsoft gun repair tips visit us at:

Here are some simple steps you can use the next time your airsoft gun needs troubleshooting:
Airsoft Gun Performance Diagnostics:
Symptoms = Airsoft Gun jams allot, Gun is not accurate and has a noticeable decline in distance. BB's may roll out of the barrel.
Diagnostics and Solutions:
1. Check, Clean and Oil Barrel
2. Remove inner barrel and hop up unit. Check bucking and re-align or replace as needed. Check hop up nub for wear.
Symptoms = Airsoft Gun Cycles (fires) but no bb's come out
Diagnostics and Solutions:
1. Check for Jammed BB's in barrel
2. Check magazine and magwell for problem.
3. Turn gun upside down and shine flashlight in bb entrance in magwell (where you insert your magazine) with hop up dialed off dry fire gun once or twice and see if the air nozzle is moving back and forth. If not tappet plate is most likely broken...bench repair needed.

Symptoms = Airsoft Gun Does Nothing
Diagnostics and Solutions:
1.Check battery
2.Check Fuse
3.Check all connections
4.Check motor leads
5. Bench repair needed
The Illustrations to the right show you where to make your airsoft motor adjustments I address in the next paragraph.

Symptoms = Airsoft Gun Makes a loud squealing noise when trigger is actuated.
Diagnostics and Solutions:

1. Make sure hand grip and all parts are tight and have no wobbles.

2. Perform airsoft gun motor adjustment by turning motor adjustment screw clockwise until resistance is felt. Now turn counter clockwise 2 or 2 1/2 turns. Try to fire gun. If you feel the motor trying to work continue adjusting 1/4 turn at a time until gun sounds smooth when firing.
3. Bench repair needed
Just a few more tips to keep in mind for the proper preventative maintenance of your airsoft gun:
1. Never Use Used BB's
2. Do not use .12 gram bb's in any gun that shoots 300 FPS
3. Only use seamless BB's
4. Stock guns will typically work best with .20 gram bb's
4. Oil your airsoft gun after each use
5. Clean your airsoft gun barrel after each use
Well thats all for now...Hope it Helps