Thursday, October 8, 2009

Airsoft Gun Custom Parts

I have been busy in the airsoft laboratory cooking up some custom airsoft gun parts and even some new airsoft gun designs. Hope to have most of these projects ready for upgrade customers by the spring 2010 airsoft season. I should have some pics soon of the new AK-14 Assault airsoft gun I have built.

Many gas airsoft pistol parts and AEG style parts are becoming very hard to find or obsolete. As a result we have decided to buy the machinery and begin manufacturing our own custom airsoft replacement parts right here in the USA. These parts will be listed in our Airsoft Gun Parts Catalog along with our standard airsoft gun parts as we bring the production process online.
We have currently brought a manual mill and manual lathe online to make "one off" custom parts and tooling and have started the shopping process for a CNC lathe and mill unit for airsoft production purposes. Once the setup and programming for this unit is completed we will begin updating our custom airsoft parts inventory.