Thursday, August 30, 2007

Airsoft Gun Version 3 Mechbox Repairs

This week I have had many AK 47 repairs come across my bench for repairs and upgrades. After doing several I decided to grab up the camera and snap some photos for you. I was amazed at how well some of these came out and I posted them in a airsoft gun repair pictorial on the AGR website . Her is a nice close up of a version three airsoft gun mechbox.

I also have been adding alot of airsoft gun repair pictures to my Google web album. You will find more than 100 mechbox and airsoft gun repair photos here

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just in New Boyi M4 airsoft gun "Lets Tear It Apart"

Ok so the new Boyi M4 S-System arrives and I say "hey can I tear one apart" and the boss says yup. So I did I not only took this airsoft gun apart but I then proceeded to take all of its fine furnishings and try them out on all the other M4 series guns in the store. This gun has some amazing parts but it has some pitfalls as well. Let me introduce you to Boyi S-System...This gun features an all metal body that is compatable with most name brand airsoft gun models. The Rail system cage is also full metal of the steel variety. The performance well lets not talk about that here check it out at the airsoft gun repair store here. You can also see pics of my custom M733 airsoft gun I built with parts from this model.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Classic Army SAR M41 Offizier Airsoft Gun Repair

Worked on several guns today but the Classic Army SAR M41 Offizier (shown above) Airsoft Gun Repair was the one that had most of my attention. Sounded like it stripped a piston, making that "playing card in the bike spoke" whirring noise. Once I got the mechbox cracked open I quickly found that the real problem was with the sector gear.
The Classic Army Sar M41 is one of my favorites to work on. The simple breakdown of this airsoft gun makes it very easy to work on. Just a reminder on airsoft guns with version two mechboxes you must remove the motor and then remove the two screws inside the handgrip to seperate the mechbox from the body of the gun.
Here is the problem, notice the clean break off of the tooth on this sector gear. Most of the time this is a good indication that the gear had a weak spot in it.
This gun got a simple upgrade to 345 FPS and out of the shop it went. For more pics of this repair visit our airsoft gun repair pics page at
I still have to give this Classic Army airsoft gun high marks for the overall build and simple field breakdown that this model offers. The metal body and RIS system are very solidly constructed and give the M41 a nice hefty feel. Overall this gun is as much fun to work on as it is to shoot...Well almost.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Upgrading A Classic Army M249

The C. A. MK249 is one solid piece of airsoft gun. For those of you that own one you know that this gun has a very high rate of fire out of the box. Put a Systema or other brand 120% spring in, do not worry about the stock gears they can take it. You will find your 249 will shoot around 380 fps. Only use 8.4 volt battery. With this one simple upgrade installed you will find your airsoft gun last longer and performs better on the field. For more tips and tricks visit my shop site located at

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jing Gong M4 commando airsoft gun upgrades

Jing Gong or better known as JG has released several new designs of AEG metal gearbox models. These airsoft guns come out of the box shooting airsoft bb's 360 to 370 FPS. The hop up unit on these new aeg models is extremely functional. One downfall I have noticed with these is the plastic bushings that come stock, need to be changed out after about 3 months of moderate to heavy use and metal bushings put in. Do to a slightly undersized bore in the mechbox the holes must be slightly enlarged with a dremel bit so they will accommodate standard 6mm oily metal bushings. As of this date I have worked on 9 of these and they all seem to have the same issue. If you put in the metal bushings without doing this the friction will be to great and the gun will not fire. By just adding the bushings, re-shimming and lapping the gears my JG M733 now chronographs at 385 FPS. Find out more airsoft gun upgrade info and view airsoft gun repair photographs at ABZ's Airsoft Gun Repair.Com