Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Echo1 Airsoft Gun Gear Improvements

The new Echo1 Commando 614's that have begun showing up at airsoft fields and stores nationwide are pretty sexy looking airsoft machine guns.
I recently had the opportunity to field one for the day and must say I was Pleased by the overall performance. When I first saw the odd size battery with a standard large connector (Ni-Ca 4/5sc 1500MaH 8.4V) I was a bit surprised....But a call to my local Wisconsin custom airsoft battery dealer and a new custom battery pack designed for the 614 is on its way.
So this airsoft gun chronographed at 350-360 FPS and the accuracy pattern was pretty nice (70' to 100' = 12" inch average pattern) But the smooth firing and quiet operation is what was impressed on me the most as I plinked around the ABZ range.
Gotta have a look inside this baby....
SOooo about 20 minutes later, there I was with a brand new Echo1 614 in a complete state of disassembly and noticed a few unique airsoft gun design improvements in this version two mechbox. I like the smaller style automotive fuse...easy to replace. Then there is the new gear design, featuring a thrust style bearing unit in the base of the bevel gear. Since this gear is responsible for the transfer of torque from the airsoft gun motor to the mechbox unit it will no doubt eliminate allot of stress and noise that normally exists in the motor to bevel gear transfer of energy in airsoft guns. Also notable is the new style spur gear with a recessed bottom. Not sure what this does for performance and durability but I am sure it contributes to the lack of noise of this improved airsoft gun gear set.
I see Echo1 is selling these as aftermarket gear sets and the standard gears will fit most airsoft guns with version 2 or 3 standard gearboxes.
Stay tuned for further reports on these these new Echo1 gear sets and how they hold up to my heavy trigger finger and add to the overall durability of my upgraded airsoft guns.