Thursday, March 19, 2009

Airsoft Gun Maintenance

Today's airsoft guns can be tweaked and modded to perform to the likes of just about any shooting or shooter style. You can add stronger springs for higher FPS, high speed gears for a faster ROF, tight bore barrels for more range and accuracy, and countless internal upgrades for added durability. There are also many little things you can do to maintain and improve the overall durability of your metal gearbox style airsoft gun.

The following is a short list of do's and do not's to help extend the durability and maintainability of your airsoft gun between full repair service sessions. This is not a complete list, just a few suggestions:

Use .12 gram bb's they are to light and will shatter when used.
Use petroleum based lubricants
Use used bb's
Upgrade airsoft guns beyond 400 FPS
Continue shooting a jammed airsoft gun...Unjam immediately or damage can occur.
Fire prolonged full auto burst of 1 minute or more
Continuously dry fire your airsoft gun
Over tighten screws

Oil your AEG with 100% airsoft gun silicone oil
Clean and oil barrel after each game
Check your bb's for defective ones
Tighten all screws after each game
Perform motor adjustment when gear noise (whine) increases
Learn how to repair your airsoft gun

Airsoft guns are much like any other mechanical appliance or vehicle you own and must be maintained and serviced regularly for safe, continuous and proper operation. Spend some time in the off season learning to diagnose, tear down and rebuild your airsoft gun and find a good airsoft gun parts supplier and you will ultimately save yourself a lot of cash. Many common issues arise from worn parts that need to be replaced on an annual basis like the hop up rubber bucking and nub. Failing to properly assess and maintain these in a timely fashion can lead to more severe and costly repairs like a cracked air nozzle or broken tappet plate. For more in depth repairs and upgrades it may be best to send your gun to an airsoft gun repair center. In most cases a few minutes after each game performing simple preventative maintenance on your airsoft guns can keep you in the game "sharing the welts" twice as long as your competition.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

AGM Full Metal Airsoft Gun Parts Review

Have you seen the new AGM full metal airsoft gun series that are now trickling into retailers in the USA.? My airsoft gun wholesaler called me up the other day to inform me the new AGM Full Metal M-series guns had arrived, so I ordered a few specimens to review and test to see how these compare to other airsoft brands.

Several days later the UPS guy dropped off my new airsoft guns and I excitedly ripped open the packing material. I was impressed with the solid packing and nice looking boxes these new guns are packaged in. The kit contained 1 poly cleaning rod, 1 8.4 volt battery and charger, 1-1 1/2 inch sling, 1 VN style metal hi-capacity magazine (180 rnds) and 1 metal m16 vented flashider and 1 almost user friendly operators manual.

The full metal body and RIS system are very nicely made and well balanced, NO WOBBLES!!The M16 CQB version features a mini full stock and comes with a large size battery that uses a small tamiya connector. The custom contoured handgrip and full metal adjustable rear site are very nice extras and add to the sleek design of these AEG's.

I charged up the battery and commenced test firing...These AGM models chronographed at 380 FPS out of the box, with a smooth 850-900 round a minute ROF. Slipped in a 9.6 volt battery and the rate of fire increased to around 1100-1150 RPM....SWeeeeeeeeeet! Tried out my JG 300 Round Hi capacity M4 Magazine and it fed BB's flawlessly through this AEG.
At 15 yards I was holding 2 inch groupings without any effort. The hop up adjustment is easy to dial in and features a wide degree of adjustment allowing for easy dial in accuracy.

As is customary, my first thought when a new AEG arrives is lets tear it apart and see what makes it tick. The tear down was very easy and standard as far as airsoft repairs go. The hop up unit on the AGM guns is standard in size but they have used a clear poly for the hop body allowing you to see how the internals of the unit work. The V2 gearbox internals are standard and pre-upgraded with 8MM metal bushings and a metal spring guide...Very Nice! The tappet plate , selector plate, piston, cylinder head and other internals were easily interchanged with JG, and marui parts...Another huge plus! The mechanical safety lever is made of metal and gives the trigger a solid lock when the selector switch is in safety mode. The hi speed steel gears are smooth and quiet running.
All in all I think the AGM M-series full metal airsoft guns are a great bang for your buck and will share many welts in 2009 on airsoft fields across the USA. If you are shopping for a new full metal airsoft gun then I would not pass these by. See all the M-series full metal agm airsoft guns here.