Friday, January 16, 2009

MP7 Airsoft Gun Repairs

The MP7 series is a compaq little mini airsoft sub machine gun. These are now being manufactured by at least 4 airsoft gun companies including Well, TM, Galaxy and Tactical Force airsoft. The stock FPS averages about 250 FPS with a ROF of around 600 bb's a minute. This is perfect for indoor CQB style airsofting.
I have had the opportunity to perform repairs on this mini machine gun and I have to say they are fairly difficult to work on. The internals consist of a 4 gear transfer unit instead of the more common 3 gearset found in other AEG's. Airsoft Gun Parts for the MP7 can be hard to find as well. I do not recommend upgrading these above 300 FPS as the gear shafts and pinion gear are maxed out at this velocity.

There is nothing standard on this gun compared to other gearbox versions. Even the hop up units are unique to this gun. I have added more MP7 airsoft gun repair pictures here for you to use should you decide to attempt upgrades or repairs on your own. The mini size gearbox is easiest to remove from the rear of the gun once you have removed the sliding stock. Gear shimming is crucial to the proper operation of this gearbox and should be performed very carefully.

The MP7 is an extremely fun airsoft gun and great to carry as a secondary back up weapon. You can expect if using .12 gram seamless bb's to accurately shoot 60 to 70 feet. As I said above these are great close quarters weapons for indoor airsoft games. I would suggest getting one or two extra 7.2 volt batteries as these small packs seem to die after a few hours of sharing the welts with friends.

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