Saturday, November 17, 2012

Airsoft Gun DIY Service Guides

So, how many airsoft guns do you own? Do you target practice or skirmish with them? Chances are unless you just collect replica guns to decorate the man cave walls, you will need to perform at least some basic tune up procedures and eventually will need full blown repairs. So how does one go about servicing or repairing your airsoft guns you ask...

 Well, for basic airsoft gun DIY service, all you need do is keep your guns clean and dry. If you target shoot or war game in the rain or even snow then you will need to completely dry your airsoft gun and magazines along with any accessories that may have been exposed to the elements. Be sure and remove all BB's from your magazines. Return hop up setting to 0 to prevent deformation of the rubber bucking during storage.  Most replica models include a barrel cleaning rod, use this with silicone oil (not petroleum based) to clean your barrel. Remove and charge your battery to help prolong cycle life.

So what to do when your guns need serious service, repair or upgrades? DIY. Don't know how...Learn. If you own more than one airsoft gun, the time will come when you will need repairs. The techs over at airsoft gun repair have been publishing step by step airsoft gun service manuals that can walk you through many troubleshooting, repair and or upgrading procedures for both gas and electric airsoft gun models. You may have to search for your particular model of airsoft gun, but most common designs are included in the airsoft gun troubleshooting guide.

Airsoft gun companies have started evolving the standard gearbox of several years back into a more refined and durable power plant by upgrading the internals and re-engineering the piston and electrical systems. Many airsoft models now include springs with easy adjust FPS features, MOSFET controls for electronic trigger, and  controlled burst fire, high speed, high torque and helical gears for almost any application. But just like your vehicle or any other mechanical device it will still be up to you to have at least, a basic understanding of how to fix and tune the airsoft guns you own.

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