Sunday, November 22, 2009

Airsoft Gun Breakdowns

The second decision in owning an airsoft gun (right after which eye protection you will use) should be what style and or model are you going to purchase. A huge part of that decision should include doing some research on the availability of replacement airsoft gun parts. Yes you will need them sooner or later. Perhaps you will want to upgrade your airsoft guns external parts to an assault style that better suits you. If you make sure the airsoft gun you purchase uses standard internal and external parts it will make repairs and maintenance procedures less frustrating and quicker when airsoft gun breakdowns do occur.

For those of you who are searching for and even willing to pay big bucks for the airsoft gun that never breaks down, you will be disappointed. What you can do however is learn how to maintain and repair your airsoft guns yourself. I view it as an airsoft gun owners responsibility to maintain your guns in good working order just as you would with any other hobby or collection. Once you learn how to care for your guns the hobby is not nearly as expensive or frustrating and you can begin a quest to build your own airsoft gun that does not breakdown, heres how...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Airsoft Gun Custom Parts

I have been busy in the airsoft laboratory cooking up some custom airsoft gun parts and even some new airsoft gun designs. Hope to have most of these projects ready for upgrade customers by the spring 2010 airsoft season. I should have some pics soon of the new AK-14 Assault airsoft gun I have built.

Many gas airsoft pistol parts and AEG style parts are becoming very hard to find or obsolete. As a result we have decided to buy the machinery and begin manufacturing our own custom airsoft replacement parts right here in the USA. These parts will be listed in our Airsoft Gun Parts Catalog along with our standard airsoft gun parts as we bring the production process online.
We have currently brought a manual mill and manual lathe online to make "one off" custom parts and tooling and have started the shopping process for a CNC lathe and mill unit for airsoft production purposes. Once the setup and programming for this unit is completed we will begin updating our custom airsoft parts inventory.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Airsoft Gun User Tips

So you bought an airsoft gun, and now your ready to use it.
If you did your homework before hand you will now have a brand new, well built, metal gearbox AEG or if it was a handgun model most likely one of the gas blow back pistol replicas. Regardless of why you bought it *Congratulations* on your purchase, and welcome to the world of airsoft. If you are like the majority of players I know, one airsoft gun will not be enough, you will crave more, you will seek more information and you will need some basic airsoft gun user tips, so for what its worth here ya go...

New Airsoft Gun Owner User Tips
1st. Safety = Treat your airsoft guns like you would any real firearm.
2nd. Always use anzi rated safety glasses or goggles when firing your airsoft gun.

1. Buy a gun case and use it.
2. Use high quality, seamless .20 gram or heavier airsoft bb's for AEG's and gas guns. .12 are only for low powered airsoft spring guns.
3. Do not use petroleum products to clean or lubricate your airsoft gun. Use only liquid silicone oil.
4. Thoroughly clean your airsoft gun barrel after each use with silicone oil, cleaning patches and barrel cleaning rod.
5. Fully charge your air soft gun battery the day before you intend to use it.
6. Do not excessively dry fire your gun.
7. Clean and oil after each use.
8. Stop firing and clear your barrel of jams immediately. Do not try to "fire out a bb jam" or damage to your gun can occur.
9. Only use your airsoft gun in approved location's and out of public view.
10. Never re-use your bb's. Airsoft bb's once fired will not be round anymore and these used bb's will jam and break your gun.
11. Find a local group of responsible players and attend large air soft events.
12. Do not leave bb's loaded in your airsoft gun magazines as it will weaken your magazine springs and cause bb feeding issues
13. Leave a small amount of gas in your gas airsoft gun magazines. This will keep the valve seat shut so dirt and debris cannot accumulate.
14. Oil GBB valves after each use to keep the o-ring seals from shrinking during storage periods.
15. After each use of your AEG put fire selector swith on semi auto and fire one shot. This will relax the spring and keep FPS from falling due to spring compression memory.
16.Turn hop unit counterclockwise or fully off after each use to maintain better accuracy.
17. Buy a good battery charger and battery for your gun, it is the power plant for your airsoft weapon and the ones provided with most guns are only basic starter packs. Many performance issues can be tracked to inadequate battery supply.
18. Keep a few tools with you when using your replica gun. Many issues can be fixed in the field with a few basic tools. I recommend a metric and standard set of hex key wrenches, small size slotted and blade style screwdrivers and unjamming rod for starter kit.
19. Check and tighten all pins and screws on your airsoft gun after each use. Vibrations that occur during firing will loosen these up quicker than you might expect.
20. Read all user manual cautions and warnings...if possible.

I could go on and on but I think you should have the basics here. Much information is available online by using simple google searches or visit some air soft forums online and just ask. For information on specific user tips on individual airsoft models please visit our airsoft gun repair library on the website.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Airsoft Gun Upgrade Tips

So now you have played airsoft war games with some friends or maybe played in a large MILSIM game at a field, decided you love it, own your own airsoft machine guns and are ready to take your game to the next level. Where to start? Well I would recommend you start with your current airsoft gun, it is the center piece of Kit you will depend on to perform every time you need to use it. So you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options available, 100, 110, 120 springs, bore up kits, tight bore barrels, bushings, bearings, spring guides, gears and so much more, where to begin? The Metal Gear box of your gun is the starting point you want to focus on and you are looking for 3 primary performance points for upgrades; 1.Durability 2. Accuracy 3. Fire Volume
Airsoft Durability Upgrades -To upgrade for durability you must first decide what FPS, Foot Per Second and ROF, Rate Of Fire you would like your gun to shoot and then replace all stock airsoft gun parts that are not capable of operating in your desired range. Many airsoft gun manufacturing companies use a base grade of plastic airsoft gun internal parts in stock models to keep manufacturing and retail costs low. Plastic spring guides and plastic bushings are quite common in many models and should be upgraded to metal parts as soon as possible. Other considerations are the piston, cylinder head and cylinder as these are plastic composite in most stock airsoft guns. These items will not wear out as fast as the plastic bushings and spring guides but if you plan on a high speed or high FPS upgrade you should consider upgrading these parts to metal for durability purposes as well.
Your airsoft gun battery size, type and voltage must also be considered with durability. Some airsoft gun configurations will only allow for a certain size or style of battery. Your gun battery voltage can speed up or slow down your ROF. Be sure your chosen battery will fit in your gun and power it for at least 4 hours of moderate use.
Airsoft Gun Accuracy Upgrades - To upgrade your gun for accuracy you will look at the hop up unit parts and the inside diameter of the stock barrel your gun came with. Most stock barrels are 6.04 diameter size and work great with most upgrades but there are tighter bore airsoft barrels available. Keep in mind the tighter the bore of your barrel the higher the quality your bb's will need to be. If you have upgraded the gearbox beyond 350 FPS you will want to try out heavier bb's. The .23 or .25 gram seem to work nicely in most guns that are upgraded to higher velocities. For more information and pictures about hop up repairs and upgrades visit;
Airsoft Gun Speed Upgrades: To upgrade your gun for speed or a higher ROF you can increase the battery voltage for a quick speed upgrade or you can install high speed gears for a more durable increased ROF. There are high speed airsoft gun motors available but I recommend a battery upgrade to 9.6 volts, as most stock airsoft guns use an 8.4 volt battery. This will increase your ROF significantly with minimum cost as most stock airsoft gun motors can run efficiently on up to a 12 volt battery, which brings me to my next point. The new High discharge Li-Po style 11.1 battery systems. These batteries bring a whole new level of fast bb fire into the airsoft game but most stock airsoft gun parts are not engineered to handle these extreme RPM's. I recommend high speed modular type gears be installed for this kind of high speed upgrade for durability. I use modular gears, metal tooth piston and metal cylinder head (See Photo) in all my guns using the Li-Po style batter. These guns feature a M100 spring and metal spring guide with bearing along with hard steel bushings. Despite my heavy trigger finger and extreme ROF My last yearly PM showed hardly any internal parts wear since last years PM. That equals allot of welts shared since 2008!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Airsoft Gun Care and Maintenance 101

As the responsible owner of a new airsoft gun you will have many new things to learn. Google airsoft safety procedures and you will find a million suggestions so I will assume you already know and follow the safety basics of airsoft. Just remember airsoft is only as safe as you make it. This article is not about internal gearbox care or upgrades of your guns gearbox. This article is about basic airsoft gun care and maintenance practices and procedures.
Get to know your airsoft gun and its anatomy. Be sure and check screws and pins after each use. Airsoft guns vibrate allot while in use and parts have a tendency to loosen. Tighten any loose part immediately.
Get to know the sounds of your airsoft gun as they are clues to performance or maintenance issues before they become major gearbox crashes. If a bb jams there will be a noticeable change in the sound of the gun, you should take out the magazine and attempt to fire once or twice to clear jam if it does not clear unjam with unjamming rod immediately DO NOT KEEP FIRING it will damage the gun internally. Always use good quality, seamless airsoft bb's as bad bb's can damage your gun. Check your airsoft guns manual for other adjustments your gun may periodically need.

Learn how to use and care for your hop up unit. Always adjust counterclockwise on M4 replicas to lessen hop effect, turning clockwise will add more hop. On other models it is different but again, read your guns owners manual. What does the hop up do? It adds a backspin to your bb's as they pass down the barrel, giving you more aerodynamic accuracy and farther bb travel. If you turn it to high the little rubber nub (see hop up photo below) pushes into the barrel to far and will jam the gun. You should take some time and adjust your hop up precisely to achieve maximum distance and a straight flat trajectory of your bb's.

Airsoft Gun General Maintenance is needed after each use. Begin by putting 2 drops of 100% silicone oil in the bb feed tube located in the magazine well of your airsoft gun, and dry fire the gun several times to lubricate the hop up bucking and the piston O-ring. Next clean and oil your barrel with the 6mm barrel cleaning-unjamming rod for your gun. Airsoft bb's leave a residue in the barrel that can build up and cause frequent jamming.

Basic airsoft care and fundamentals would include learning to care care for your battery and charger. Leaving a battery plugged into a charger can cause a fire or ruin the battery. Smart chargers are recommended. Your airsoft gun will need to be internally serviced every six months with heavy use, once a year for light to moderate use sooner if internal repairs are needed. This should only be done by experienced airsoft gun technicians. Till next time,

Armsdealer... Out

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Airsoft Gun Improvements

Here at the airsoft gun repair website one of the more FAQ's emailed to us is how can I improve my AEG's performance? My first question back is always performance improvement? or velocity increase? As many players seem to confuse the two and they are definitely not equal.
Please note* This article does not pertain to Airsoft Training type weapons by Systema or other custom manufactured components.
First I will address airsoft velocity upgrades. I have performed FPS upgrades on just about every brand and model of airsoft gun on the market today. I have compiled data that clearly indicates that airsoft guns with upgrades beyond 400 FPS fail prematurely. The leading cause of failures, regardless of internal improvements or upgrades performed is gearbox housing nose blowouts more commonly known as a cracked mechbox. This is not a case of maybe, this gun will Fail Quickly. You should expect a dozen games or less from 9o percent of any airsoft gun upgraded beyond the magic 400 FPS mark.
Now if you are looking for performance improvements from your airsoft gun here is what I would suggest: For starters have your gun chronographed with .20 competition grade airsoft BB's to see what your stock velocity or FPS truly is. Manufacturers tend to err on the high side of the FPS scale and many listed airsoft gun FPS ratings are made with .12 gram bb's that I strongly do not recommend using in Metal gear box AEG's.
Durability Upgrade: Includes proper size steel bushings for your airsoft gun and metal spring guide with thrust bearing for durability and FPS increase if needed. These parts will greatly improve the overall durability of your gun. Any spring upgrades should be made, based off your starting FPS chronograph reading with a goal of around 350-375 FPS. Next determine your starting ROF measurement and decide if it is OK or would you like to increase it? If you are currently running an 8.4 volt battery then simply try out a 9.6 volt for a nice little ROF increase of about 3-5 bb's per second. High speed gears are a great option as well but other factors and upgrade components must be considered once you make a gear ratio change in this area of the gearbox.
For the most part many players can see improved durability and performance simply by practicing better airsoft gun hygiene. Use of proper silicone oil combined with cleaning and lubricating after each use and keeping your barrel clean and oiled as well will prevent your piston O-ring from drying out. Lubricate your hop unit for long lasting, increased durability and performance. A clean barrel at the start of each game means less jamming and other mechanical issues that can be caused by major barrel jams. Remember to back the hop unit all the way off on your replica weapon at the end of each game and you will see instant accuracy improvements.

*Caution* following the advice above will lead to your opponents noticing great improvements in your ability to "share some welts" with friends or family...


Monday, April 20, 2009

Airsoft Cyber Thompson Machine Gun

The way I see it the WWII airsoft players should be shaking in their trench coats right now.
Just buttoned up the internals of one of the new Cyber Thompson airsoft AEG's and have to commend the makers of this airsoft machine gun for a job well done. Who makes it? Well, some people say Cyma is the manufacturer but I found no clear markings except the nicely done trademarks from Thompson/Center. What I do know for certain is that it is compatible with standard version 6 gear box parts that are available at most airsoft gun parts stores in the USA.
The stock build is a full metal body with a full metal magazine and an imitation plastic wood stock that can easily be replaced with the wooden set found at several retailers online. The stock gearbox is a metal V6 with plastic bushings and spring guide that were easily changed out with a standard V6 metal bushing set and a version 2 metal spring guide with thrust bearing for a little push up in FPS. The stock on the Cyber Thompson does feature a large foam filled compartment that easily accommodated my 9.6 1100 Mah battery upgrade once the foam was removed.
My end result was a Thompson airsoft sub machine gun shooting .20 gram bb's at a nice 350-360 FPS with an increased ROF of around 1000-1050 RPM....Perfect! On the range my slightly upgraded Cyber Thompson performed superbly at 50, 75 and 100 feet keeping tight 4' and under patterns. At around 125 feet the groupings had increased to 8" or more but good enough for airsoft trench warfare and not bad for 25.00 dollars worth of upgrade parts. The hop unit is quite responsive to minor adjustments and again another standard part, so buckings will be easy to find when replacement is needed. All in all this gun will surely be showing up en masse to airsoft games around the US.
By the way if you are a die hard Thompson fan rumor has it that a Cybergun Thompson (Chicago typewriter style) with drum magazine is due for release in mid 2009. I can just picture the airsoft games now with everyone in trench coats and fedora's and all you hear is "Eat .20 grams of plastic you dirty coppers, you will never take us alive". Now we just need some solid airsoft gas 38's and someone to write us a good 1930's style Eliot Ness airsoft game scenario so I can share some welts with my upgraded Cybergun Thompson M1911 machine gun. Visit our website for more airsoft Thompson repair pictures, tips and tricks.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Airsoft Gun BB Mechanics

Did you know that the weight and quality of your chosen 6mm airsoft ammunition can play a huge role in how long your new airsoft gun lasts?

Cheap airsoft bb's are a good thing, Cheaply made airsoft bb's are not. Let me explain...

Todays stock airsoft guns are shooting hotter than ever and many airsoft manufacturers now feature brand new Airsoft Electric Guns known as AEG's that are shooting 350 FPS plus out of the box. For instance the newest line of AGM full metal airsoft clones are shooting 380 FPS with .20 gram bb's out of the box with no upgrades installed. If I use lighter .12 gram bb's in one of these guns my FPS will jump to 450 plus which is to high for most official airsoft fields in the USA. Most fields designate any gun that chronographs over 400FPS as a sniper weapon and strict rules of engagement are levied on the player. 6MM .12 gram bb's are not as dense as the heavier .20, .23, .25 and higher weight bb's and do shatter often in the barrel causing dangerous shards of bb's to be propelled at your target. Besides the obvious safety issue this causes it will also create excessive jamming that will lead quickly to expensive repairs.

Airsoft BB Rule Of Thumb: If your gun shoots faster than 300FPS then only use .20 gram or heavier bb's.
The other big difference between cheap airsoft ammunition and precision grade airsoft ammunition will be the hardness of the material used to make the bb's. If you squeeze a bb with a pair of pliers it should flatten, deform and finally crack on the edges when enough pressure has been applied. If the bb shatters it is too hard of material and can shatter in the gun as explained above. Also of concern is the quality control parameters held for the Diameter of the bb's. Today's airsoft guns feature precision tight bore barrels that can only handle micro variations of size before big problems set in. Proper barrel cleaning procedures are a must and are shown in the picture to the right. Excessive jamming, broken air nozzles and broken tappet plates are almost always caused by jammed bb's. Jammed bb's can be attributed to a dirty barrel, a faulty hop up bucking or irregular airsoft ammunition. If you are having allot of mechanical and repair issues with your airsoft gun and you are properly cleaning the barrel after use and are not having hop up problems, then you may want to examine your current bb's or try using a new brand of bb to see if this helps alleviate problems. Airsoft gun repairs can be both frustrating and expensive even if you DIY so be sure you are using high grade precision bb's as this is the first step to good airsoft preventative maintenance. For more tips and tricks to keep your airsoft guns in the field sharing the welts or if you are looking for tried and tested precision 6mm .20 gram airsoft bb's visit us at


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Airsoft Gun Maintenance

Today's airsoft guns can be tweaked and modded to perform to the likes of just about any shooting or shooter style. You can add stronger springs for higher FPS, high speed gears for a faster ROF, tight bore barrels for more range and accuracy, and countless internal upgrades for added durability. There are also many little things you can do to maintain and improve the overall durability of your metal gearbox style airsoft gun.

The following is a short list of do's and do not's to help extend the durability and maintainability of your airsoft gun between full repair service sessions. This is not a complete list, just a few suggestions:

Use .12 gram bb's they are to light and will shatter when used.
Use petroleum based lubricants
Use used bb's
Upgrade airsoft guns beyond 400 FPS
Continue shooting a jammed airsoft gun...Unjam immediately or damage can occur.
Fire prolonged full auto burst of 1 minute or more
Continuously dry fire your airsoft gun
Over tighten screws

Oil your AEG with 100% airsoft gun silicone oil
Clean and oil barrel after each game
Check your bb's for defective ones
Tighten all screws after each game
Perform motor adjustment when gear noise (whine) increases
Learn how to repair your airsoft gun

Airsoft guns are much like any other mechanical appliance or vehicle you own and must be maintained and serviced regularly for safe, continuous and proper operation. Spend some time in the off season learning to diagnose, tear down and rebuild your airsoft gun and find a good airsoft gun parts supplier and you will ultimately save yourself a lot of cash. Many common issues arise from worn parts that need to be replaced on an annual basis like the hop up rubber bucking and nub. Failing to properly assess and maintain these in a timely fashion can lead to more severe and costly repairs like a cracked air nozzle or broken tappet plate. For more in depth repairs and upgrades it may be best to send your gun to an airsoft gun repair center. In most cases a few minutes after each game performing simple preventative maintenance on your airsoft guns can keep you in the game "sharing the welts" twice as long as your competition.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

AGM Full Metal Airsoft Gun Parts Review

Have you seen the new AGM full metal airsoft gun series that are now trickling into retailers in the USA.? My airsoft gun wholesaler called me up the other day to inform me the new AGM Full Metal M-series guns had arrived, so I ordered a few specimens to review and test to see how these compare to other airsoft brands.

Several days later the UPS guy dropped off my new airsoft guns and I excitedly ripped open the packing material. I was impressed with the solid packing and nice looking boxes these new guns are packaged in. The kit contained 1 poly cleaning rod, 1 8.4 volt battery and charger, 1-1 1/2 inch sling, 1 VN style metal hi-capacity magazine (180 rnds) and 1 metal m16 vented flashider and 1 almost user friendly operators manual.

The full metal body and RIS system are very nicely made and well balanced, NO WOBBLES!!The M16 CQB version features a mini full stock and comes with a large size battery that uses a small tamiya connector. The custom contoured handgrip and full metal adjustable rear site are very nice extras and add to the sleek design of these AEG's.

I charged up the battery and commenced test firing...These AGM models chronographed at 380 FPS out of the box, with a smooth 850-900 round a minute ROF. Slipped in a 9.6 volt battery and the rate of fire increased to around 1100-1150 RPM....SWeeeeeeeeeet! Tried out my JG 300 Round Hi capacity M4 Magazine and it fed BB's flawlessly through this AEG.
At 15 yards I was holding 2 inch groupings without any effort. The hop up adjustment is easy to dial in and features a wide degree of adjustment allowing for easy dial in accuracy.

As is customary, my first thought when a new AEG arrives is lets tear it apart and see what makes it tick. The tear down was very easy and standard as far as airsoft repairs go. The hop up unit on the AGM guns is standard in size but they have used a clear poly for the hop body allowing you to see how the internals of the unit work. The V2 gearbox internals are standard and pre-upgraded with 8MM metal bushings and a metal spring guide...Very Nice! The tappet plate , selector plate, piston, cylinder head and other internals were easily interchanged with JG, and marui parts...Another huge plus! The mechanical safety lever is made of metal and gives the trigger a solid lock when the selector switch is in safety mode. The hi speed steel gears are smooth and quiet running.
All in all I think the AGM M-series full metal airsoft guns are a great bang for your buck and will share many welts in 2009 on airsoft fields across the USA. If you are shopping for a new full metal airsoft gun then I would not pass these by. See all the M-series full metal agm airsoft guns here.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Airsoft Gun Diagnostics

If you use your airsoft guns on a regular basis sooner or later you will experience a broken airsoft gun. Properly diagnosing these issues can save you money and time. Preventative maintenance can help keep your airsoft guns firing under most conditions but the time will come when a bench repair is needed. If you need more airsoft gun repair tips visit us at:

Here are some simple steps you can use the next time your airsoft gun needs troubleshooting:
Airsoft Gun Performance Diagnostics:
Symptoms = Airsoft Gun jams allot, Gun is not accurate and has a noticeable decline in distance. BB's may roll out of the barrel.
Diagnostics and Solutions:
1. Check, Clean and Oil Barrel
2. Remove inner barrel and hop up unit. Check bucking and re-align or replace as needed. Check hop up nub for wear.
Symptoms = Airsoft Gun Cycles (fires) but no bb's come out
Diagnostics and Solutions:
1. Check for Jammed BB's in barrel
2. Check magazine and magwell for problem.
3. Turn gun upside down and shine flashlight in bb entrance in magwell (where you insert your magazine) with hop up dialed off dry fire gun once or twice and see if the air nozzle is moving back and forth. If not tappet plate is most likely broken...bench repair needed.

Symptoms = Airsoft Gun Does Nothing
Diagnostics and Solutions:
1.Check battery
2.Check Fuse
3.Check all connections
4.Check motor leads
5. Bench repair needed
The Illustrations to the right show you where to make your airsoft motor adjustments I address in the next paragraph.

Symptoms = Airsoft Gun Makes a loud squealing noise when trigger is actuated.
Diagnostics and Solutions:

1. Make sure hand grip and all parts are tight and have no wobbles.

2. Perform airsoft gun motor adjustment by turning motor adjustment screw clockwise until resistance is felt. Now turn counter clockwise 2 or 2 1/2 turns. Try to fire gun. If you feel the motor trying to work continue adjusting 1/4 turn at a time until gun sounds smooth when firing.
3. Bench repair needed
Just a few more tips to keep in mind for the proper preventative maintenance of your airsoft gun:
1. Never Use Used BB's
2. Do not use .12 gram bb's in any gun that shoots 300 FPS
3. Only use seamless BB's
4. Stock guns will typically work best with .20 gram bb's
4. Oil your airsoft gun after each use
5. Clean your airsoft gun barrel after each use
Well thats all for now...Hope it Helps

Friday, January 16, 2009

MP7 Airsoft Gun Repairs

The MP7 series is a compaq little mini airsoft sub machine gun. These are now being manufactured by at least 4 airsoft gun companies including Well, TM, Galaxy and Tactical Force airsoft. The stock FPS averages about 250 FPS with a ROF of around 600 bb's a minute. This is perfect for indoor CQB style airsofting.
I have had the opportunity to perform repairs on this mini machine gun and I have to say they are fairly difficult to work on. The internals consist of a 4 gear transfer unit instead of the more common 3 gearset found in other AEG's. Airsoft Gun Parts for the MP7 can be hard to find as well. I do not recommend upgrading these above 300 FPS as the gear shafts and pinion gear are maxed out at this velocity.

There is nothing standard on this gun compared to other gearbox versions. Even the hop up units are unique to this gun. I have added more MP7 airsoft gun repair pictures here for you to use should you decide to attempt upgrades or repairs on your own. The mini size gearbox is easiest to remove from the rear of the gun once you have removed the sliding stock. Gear shimming is crucial to the proper operation of this gearbox and should be performed very carefully.

The MP7 is an extremely fun airsoft gun and great to carry as a secondary back up weapon. You can expect if using .12 gram seamless bb's to accurately shoot 60 to 70 feet. As I said above these are great close quarters weapons for indoor airsoft games. I would suggest getting one or two extra 7.2 volt batteries as these small packs seem to die after a few hours of sharing the welts with friends.

Till next time....

Armsdealer Out!