Saturday, January 30, 2010

Airsoft Modified M16

The entire Midwest USA has now entered the late January deep freeze stage of Winter. I have been staying busy writing some airsoft gun troubleshooting tips over at the airsoft gun repair website but  this deep freeze for me seems like a perfect time to bench some of my own guns and get them ready for the upcoming 2010 airsoft season.
 My backup loadout includes among others a TM M16-A2. This gun was upgraded with a 120% spring (380-400FPS), steel gears, metal 6mm bushings and a V2 metal spring guide in July 2009, in October the gun started double and triple firing bb's and I lost most range. The problem was not real hard to locate as seen in the photo. My options are to just replace the gearbox shell knowing that at the current 390 FPS I will have to replace the gearbox again in 3 to 4 months cost ($39.90).  I could, downgrade the FPS to 350 or lower and not worry about cracking the gearbox again, or I could install one of the new V2 upgraded gearbox shells and see if it works as claimed. ($59-89)

Well since I like the Modify companies other airsoft upgrade products I have used in the past, I decided to go with the Modify Torus upgraded version two gearbox. I chose...