Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Airsoft AGM MP40 Repairs and Upgrades

One of the hot Chinese custom clone airsoft guns seems to be the AGM MP40. World War Two airsoft reenactor's who wish to play German roles at airsoft games are reporting these clones to be fairly reliable and I would have to agree. The MP40 features a metal body and barrel and consists of about 70% metal parts. The easy field take down makes jams and other simple field repairs easy and quick. The off and on switch located at the bottom of the pistol style grip functions as a safety switch since the selector switch has semi and full auto positions only. The fully adjustable hop up is located behind the cartridge ejection port.

AGM MP40 Internal Airsoft Parts are tucked away inside a modified Version 3 Metal Mechbox that has a pretty decent build for the low price tag on this AEG. The motor is easily accessible and adjustable once the mp40 mechbox has been removed from the airsoft gun body. A modified trigger switch assembly features a push rod trigger control that you will notice when you disassemble this airsoft gun. Care must be taken to not bend this rod. I have pics of this airsoft trigger assembly and more Airsoft AGM MP40 Repair pictures here.

Once inside this mechbox experienced airsoft technicians will notice the plastic V3 spring guide and plastic bushings. I highly recommend you change these parts or have them upgraded the first time you service this airsoft gun. A simple metal spring guide and steel bushings will add the durability needed to stand your ground at those big airsoft games. There are many more upgrades that can be added to the MP40 such as a stronger spring, metal cylinder head and steel gears but these are more expensive performance upgrades and frankly I think the AGM MP40 performs awesome with just the durability upgrades I mentioned above. OH, I almost forgot to mention that the batteries that come with these clones are short lived in most cases and will need to be replaced in 2 to 3 months.

In closing let me say that I would recommend this MP40 AEG as an awesome starter airsoft game gun. Add the upgrades mentioned and you will be ready to hold off General Pattons finest when they come marching in on Airsoft game day.