Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Airsoft Gun Repair V7 M14

The M14 presents us with the Version 7 Mechbox in two version's. The top photo is a G&G type V7 and the 2ND picture presents an AGM version M14 which is widely known as a TM clone. The mechbox parts are virtually Identical in size and shape however some clone parts are manufactured from cheaper materials. This can be both a good and bad thing for airsoft consumers as the clones are much cheaper but will need repair or part replacement sooner than the higher end AEG's.
The G&G version 7 has some bugs that need to be worked out in my opinion. The design is awesome and simple when compared to the more common V7 mechbox shown below but the selector switch lever has to be modified to obtain a proper trigger pull. On the other hand you have the more common V7 that host a whole slew of levers, springs and switches on the outside of the mechbox that need to be removed before you can even get to the internals. The M14 variants on the market today are precise, finely tuned mechboxes that the novice should not attempt to repair.
Inside the V7 you will find an in line gear train that differs from other mechbox versions. The m14 family of airsoft guns feature specialty parts that are specific to the version 7 mechbox. The tappet plate, gears and trigger switch assembly are specific to each model. All in all the v7 marui style mechbox is a solid well built long lasting design.
To upgrade or repair a V7 m14 be sure you have the right parts. You will not be able to put your M4 internals in this mechbox. Shimming is extremely important to the life of your mechbox and should be done by a qualified Airsmith or someone knowledgeable in this area. Poor shimming can get expensive quick in the cost of other repair parts. Properly maintained the V7 is an awesome design delivering as high as 400 FPS BB's at a rate of fire exceeding 900 bb's a minute. See more detailed pictures of M14 V7 repairs at Airsoft Gun Repair.
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